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About Boresight

Boresight was established by personnel with long term experience within the UAV, Defence, intelligence, and law enforcement domains, with the aim of providing highly capable but affordable and expendable drones as aerial targets.  
The emerging threat posed by drones, from cheap quadcopters used for surveillance through to sophisticated ‘suicide’ drones is changing the nature of warfare and public safety.  Government agencies and C-sUAS companies need a high performance and cost-effective solution to train and test against.
Boresight provides that capability.

Boresight is based in Canberra, Australia with an office in Sydney. Boresight has regional resellers that are able to provide the full suite of Boresight capabilities. Boresight has Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) certified Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) on staff and is fully conversant and compliant with CASA regulations for the conduct of UAS operations. Boresight is a member of the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS).

Dr Alexander Hall

Chief Technology Officer

Dr Alexander Hall is an aeronautical engineer with over fifteen years experience in small UAV design, development, production and fielding. He studied engineering at Sydney University, where he completed his doctoral studies investigating the aeromechanics of inherently stable rotary wing micro UAVs.

After completing his PhD, Alexander moved to Norway to work for Prox Dynamics as part of the R&D team developing the Black Hornet nano UAV, the world’s first nano UAV. During the initial R&D process he was in charge of the platform’s aerodynamics analysis and design. He went on to lead Prox’s external engineering, developing the system’s capabilities through customer test and evaluation programs, requirements qualification and operator/instructor training.

After seven years at Prox Dynamics, now owned by FLIR Systems Inc, Alexander returned to Australia to work for Criterion Solutions as the Manager of UAS Operations, developing the company’s drone related business.

Oliver Price

Business Development Manager

Oliver joined Criterion Solutions in 2018 after approximately nine years in the Australian Regular Army as a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC), working in both FORCOMD and SOCOMD. Along with Oliver’s primary role as a JTAC, he was responsible for managing his unit’s Black Hornet UAV capability. This included flying the Black Hornet in support of his unit as well as being the unit’s senior trainer and maintenance manager. Oliver continues to serve as a member of the Australian Army Reserve.

At Criterion Solutions, Oliver is responsible for the provision of all Black Hornet operator training, support, repair and logistics activities for the Australian military. Oliver is a qualified Black Hornet Master Trainer and holds a CASA Remote Pilots Licence (RePL).

At Boresight, Oliver is responsible for all business development and sales activities.

Mitchell Bannink

Chief Pilot

As the Chief Pilot for Boresight and holder of an Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Remote Pilot Licence (RePL), Mitchell is responsible for the oversight and supervision of all Boresight flying activities, ensuring that they are compliant with the relevant regulatory framework. In addition to being a pilot for a major international airline, Mitchell has been a commercial drone operator for over a decade with vast experience within the UAS industry.

James Martin

RF Engineer

James joined Criterion Solutions in 2018 after approximately ten years in the Australian Regular Army as an Electronic Warfare Operator and a Systems Technician.

At Criterion Solutions, James was responsible for the provision of all RF related operator training, support, and logistics activities for the company. Amongst a number of qualifications, James holds a Diploma of Information Technology and is currently studying for a Master of Cyber Security (Digital Forensics).

Strategic Advisors

Brigadier (Ret’d)
Michael Prictor

Strategic Advisor

Mick Prictor is currently fulfilling board and advisory roles to assist Australian companies. He led Australian and multi-national forces on operations in East Timor, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and has extensive experience in disaster relief and humanitarian missions. He commanded the Australian Army’s 16th Aviation Brigade, comprising more than seventy advanced combat helicopters and 1,600 personnel. He served more than six years assigned to the United States armed forces in various roles, including his most recent assignment as the Deputy Director Strategy, Plans and Policy for United States Central Command in Tampa, Florida. He has more than 2,500 hours of flying experience, primarily in the Sikorsky Black Hawk and the Airbus MRH-90. As a senior leader in the Australian Army’s aviation capability, he oversaw the introduction of several advanced helicopter types into service with the Australian Defence Force, and transformed the risk management and safety culture in some of the Army’s highest-readiness units.

Jarl Eirik Straume

Strategic Advisor – Europe

Jarl Eirik Straume is Boresight’s European Strategic Advisor, bringing a wealth of C-sUAS, weapons and military experience to Boresight’s operations. Prior to joining Boresight, Jarl Eirik was the VP of Sales and Marketing, and Director UAS Business Development for Prox Dynamics / FLIR UAS and it’s Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System in particular. Jarl Eirik has worked in various roles including engineering, project management, and sales and marketing during seventeen years at Nammo, one of the world’s largest independent ammunition providers. Jarl Eirik served for twelve years in the Royal Norwegian Navy achieving the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Jarl Eirik holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration.