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Boresight Services

Why Boresight?

Government agencies are now fielding large quantities of C-sUAS systems.

These include both kinetic systems by shooting the drones down, and RF based systems by effecting the drone’s communications system to bring them to ground. How do you know that your equipment, training and personnel are up to the task when needed? How do you properly certify personnel and equipment and validate procedures unless you’ve trained and tested using realistic scenarios with expendable targets? 

Don’t let the first time your people use their equipment in anger be the first time they’ve used it on the battlefield.

Boresight drone targets and services are the perfect tools to test your organisations’ preparedness to meet today’s threats and the emerging threats of the future. If your organisation needs to train against the threats posed by drones then you need an affordable and expendable drone target and services solution.

Boresight turnkey solutions.

Boresight can tailor solutions to meet your specific needs and C-sUAS maturity levels. Boresight can provide the target drones, drone pilots, local authority certifications, training, support and guidance needed to ensure effective training and testing outcomes.


Support Training, Exercises, Certification and Validation

Boresight’s aerial targets provide the perfect, cost-effective solution for individual and collective C-sUAS training.  The target drones are affordable enough to be used for shooting down using kinetic methods or for bringing to the ground using RF / jamming methods.

With the ability to gradually increase target profiles and scenarios, from a single target on a simple flight path to numerous simultaneous targets at different speeds, attack vectors and altitudes, Boresight’s aerial targets can be used to implement a ‘Crawl, Walk, Run’ training regimen.

Boresight’s aerial targets can be used to test and certify personnel and equipment, and to validate Rules of Engagement and Standard Operating Procedures, ensuring that personnel and equipment are trained, ready and able to meet the threats posed by drone attack.

Support Pre-Deployment Training and Readiness

Boresight’s aerial targets can be used to support pre-deployment training and readiness activities, honing skills and equipment knowledge prior to arriving in-theatre. Through use of its Mission Planning software, training can be scenario driven to meet known, expected, likely and emerging threat vectors.

Personnel can deploy secure in the knowledge that they know how to defeat the threat of drones and are proficient in the use of their equipment to do so.


Support C-sUAS capability downselection and Risk Mitigation Activities

Government agencies are purchasing increasing numbers of C-sUAS systems, either as part of a broader weapons program or via RF based detection and defeat systems.

Boresight’s aerial targets can be used as an effective capability down selection and risk mitigation capability, assisting agencies in validating the claims of vendors during technology selection and purchasing activities. Agencies can use Boresight’s aerial targets to effectively put a vendor’s claims to the test.

Demonstration and Testing Capability for Industry

Boresight’s aerial targets can be used by the C-sUAS industry to assist in the ongoing development, testing and sales demonstrations of their technology. With its ability to provide affordable, expendable target drone solutions, Boresight aerial targets can be used throughout the development and sales cycle process in both ‘dry run’ and ‘weapons free’ formats.

The ability to increase mission complexity and scenarios enables realistic testing to be conducted and analysed, with results fed back into ongoing product development.

The cost-effective nature of the Boresight targets means that customer demonstrations can move beyond the normal ‘canned’ type of demonstrations, enabling demonstrations to destruction of targets to be conducted. This in turn increased potential customer confidence that a vendor’s systems work as advertised.

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